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‘Basterma Boys’ Fundraise for Soup Kitchens in Armenia

By Frank Avakian Stoneson
FLArmenians Naples Reporter

NAPLES, FL – The Armenian Church of Southwest Florida held its annual ‘Men’s Basterma Breakfast’ on February 15. Over 25 attendees were hosted by Nancy Kazarian and Dolly Matoian at the Kazarian home in Naples, FL.

This year’s gathering raised $2,400, with all proceeds going to support five soup kitchens in Armenia, sponsored by the Fund for Armenian Relief, that aid the elderly and disadvantaged.


Naples Armenians Host 3rd Annual Basterma Breakfast


The Basterma Boys of Naples, FL; 2017.

By Frank Avakian-Stoneson
FLArmenians Naples Contributor

The Armenian Church of Southwest Florida (ACSWFL) celebrated its third annual STAG Basterma Breakfast on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at the home of Nancy and Sam Kazarian. The sold out breakfast attracted 31 lucky men from our Parish community who feasted on unlimited basterma and eggs, mimosas, and other Armenian delicacies.

Nancy Kazarian, formerly of Racine, Wisconsin, Dolly Matoian from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Alice Boyajian of Palos Heights, Illinois, and Ziba Rezai of Naples, Florida prepared the feast for the hungry gentlemen all morning and afternoon in traditional Armenian style.

The Kazarians and Matoians generously sponsored this event, with all proceeds from admissions donated to the Church. Everyone left for the day asking when the next year’s Basterma Breakfast is to be scheduled, so they can make sure to be in town!