105th Anniversary Armenian Genocide Commemoration Cancelled due to Coronavirus, AGC Donates to Armenia

BOCA RATON, FL – The South Florida Armenian Genocide Commemoration, Inc. (AGC) has canceled this year’s annual April 24th Armenian Genocide commemorative program, AGC announced in an email.

“This year, in lieu of having a commemorative event, we have decided to assist Armenia in their fight against COVID-19,” AGC Chair Arsine Kaloustian said via email. “We will send a donation on behalf of AGC to the Armenia Fund. What better way to help Armenia but when she is in dire need,” she said.

AGC will donate $1,000 to Armenia Fund’s COVID-19 relief operations in Armenia, according to AGC. The coronavirus continues to spread in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. The Armenian government imposed a 30-day ‘State of Emergency’ on March 16, and announced a 10-day extension last week.



Boca Raton Businessman Meets with First Lady of Armenia Anna Hakobyan

George Pagoumian of Boca Raton, FL meets with First Lady of the Republic of Armenia Anna Hakobyan in Yerevan, Armenia.

Late last year, the wife of the Prime Minister of Armenia and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for My Step Foundation, Anna Hakobyan, met with Armenian American businessman, founder of PMA Venture Capital and friend of the foundation, George Pagoumian of Boca Raton, FL.

Mrs. Hakobyan expressed her gratitude to Mr. Pagoumian for his support to the foundation, particularly for support to the foundation’s project “Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center” which was made possible through his contributions. Mrs. Hakobyan offered to accompany Mr. Pagoumian to the Center so that he could witness all of the progress and impact his contributions have made.

Mr. Pagoumian stressed that he has faith in Armenia prospering and growing, but it is going to take time. “You’ve made your step, and now Armenians from all over the world who are successful in different fields must unite in order to succeed,” he says.

One of the projects of My Step Foundation is to support soldiers who have been injured during military service and the support is provided through Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center. In addition to addressing health concerns that the soldiers have, they also work to provide resources for their integration into a working society through education and skills training.

Over $406,000 has been allocated to Homeland Defender’s Rehabilitation Center by My Step Foundation.

Happy Easter from Florida Armenians