Florida Armenians Poll: Syrian Refugees

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  1. Kathryn Malconian

    My parents escaped the 1915 Armenian Genocide. I could write my own book on the horror stories that came with my family as to what happen to them and to the rest of my relatives that didn’t make it to America. My parents came here and created a wonderful family, became successful in their business and pillars of their community despite having nothing when they arrived in this country. The people that lived in the area of the country we settled treated Armenians as foreign as my family already felt moving here. Finally we were accepted as American Armenians who contributed to society and assimilated to the American way but always staying strong to our Armenian heritage and culture.

    Now, with a very heavy heart I must say that times have changed.
    Everything has changed. My mother reminded me that the Turkish people she lived side by side with helped them after they were thrown out of their house and members of her family were murdered in front of her. She said it was the Turkish government that was responsible for what happen to them and she always maintained grateful for the good Turkish people she knew.

    But times regrettably have changed. This country cannot allow an open door policy like it always has. The radical Muslims have created this vile sense of insecurity not the Americans. Has everyone forgotten the saying that it only takes a few rotten apples to ruin the whole barrel? The saying takes a dark but profound meaning now. And unfortunately theres more than a few rotten Muslims….there are many who speak louder by their actions and only a few that speak the words of peace and co-existence. We are infidels therefore we who are not Muslim should not exist. How can we accept people in masses who harbor people with this mentality? Its time for this country as well as other countries to wake up to this eminent terror threat.
    The world has changed and these are dangerous times. People who believe this thinking is wrong and that we are heartless and over reacting are clearly not thinking of the big picture of today’s culture but of the days when this country extended kindness and took in the needy. If this country allows the masses of refugees to flood this country just like France did it will be a sign of weakness. The same weakness this country displayed when our goverment intelligence failed to see September 11, 2000 coming and all the previous warnings.

    It has been reported that there are 80% of male Syrian refugees between the ages of 18 and 30 wanting to come to this country.
    This percentage of men should stay in their country and fight the atrocies happening instead of fleeing to America.

    The Syrians are good people and the radicals that live among them is another unfortunate tragedy. However, we should not interfere in their chosen government and leave President Assad alone.


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