Florida Armenians Editor Speaks to Voice of America’s Armenian Service About the 2012 US Elections

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  1. so before the Dashnaks threw a trnatum conveniently timed before the municipal election. They could have asked at the Security Council, but Of course, we also still need to see the roadmap, but this was always clearly a U.S.-pushed endeavor with Obama saying quite clearly that there is no doubt about what happened in 1915.It is also indicative of a larger push by the US and EU to bring peace and stability to the region, opening borders, and getting rid of the baggage of the past to look to the future.The problem is that Heritage and ARF-D over-react, attempt to exploit nationalist fears, and continue to pump out territorial claims on Turkey as well as Georgia and Azerbaijan. Not happening.Ironically, it will be nationalists in Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Diaspora who together will try to prevent any of this happening even if the road map does support the historical truth. Let’s see.


  2. I agree. The political seytsm in Armenia is corrupt. Only the powerful have opportunities in such seytsm that exists in Armenia. What’s left for the rest of the society? The powerless are either choosing the poverty, accepting the destinies of patriotism, or leaving the country feeling deep disappointment feeling of that no one cares. They feel exactly rejected because no effort or talent is valued in there. In seems like it’s a country that accepts the dollar bill as its higher power, and creates a bitter oligarchy. Therefore, people leave one after the other, through their connections: friends, relatives who already left and found that place that satisfies their needs and give some opportunities. I absolutely agree. I felt that way. That’s why I left.


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