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  1. There was no aim to eliminate Armenians you mean dtperoing an entire population of men, women and children to a dessert, killing many of them on the way and the rest on arrival, confiscating their property, and then covering it up, was not genocide. Call it race extermination as Ambassador Morgenthau did, or a holocaust as Churchill did or genocide as Lemkin did in coining the word as he contemplated the fate of the Armenians, its impossible to say the aim and the result was not their elimination.


  2. Chris S: You make a good point. However, since Turkey is built on land taken from numerous other ropugs, all of who still live there, Turkey wants to avoid giving legitimacy to any claims made on its eastern territory since there are indeed many legitimate ones. Oh, fair enough. They can just do what we do with people whose land we stole: ignore them as much as possible and let them build casinos. 😀


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