Florida Armenians Meet in Tampa with Armenian-American Community Leaders

Florida Armenians Meet in Tampa with Armenian-American Community Leaders

St. Hagop Prepares for Fourth Anniversary Consecration Dance

Tampa, FL – Last month, Florida Armenians representatives Arsine Kaloustian-Rosenthal and Taniel Koushakjian traveled to Tampa to meet with various Armenian-American community leaders.  The Tampa/St. Petersburg area is home to approximately 3,000 Armenian-Americans throughout the year, and even more during winter months. The community is centered around St. Hagop Armenian Church, established in Pinellas Park in 1985, and consecrated on October 14, 2007, by His Holiness Karekin II, the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, and Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America.

Community leaders from various ages and professions gathered to discuss issues important to the Florida Armenian-American community. From the Armenian homeland, to issues affecting Armenian-Americans, from youth issues to the importance of our faith, everyone was engaged in a lively discussion. In addition, plans for Florida Armenians and upcoming events and activities were shared and embraced by all the participants. Guests were especially pleased to be joined by Fr. Hovnan Demerdjian, Pastor at St. Hagop and his lovely wife Anna. Fr. Hovnan provided the blessing.

Tampa Armenians

“By discussing various issues that concern us in an open forum, the miles between us suddenly mattered much less,” stated Florida Armenians Communications Director Arsine Kaloustian-Rosenthal. “We were able to sit, not only as members of a Tampa church, a Boca Raton church, or an Orlando church, but as members of the Armenian-American Diaspora.  We look forward to continuing these “town hall” style meetings in various Armenian communities throughout the state of Florida,” Kaloustian-Rosenthal said.

Participants also discussed plans for the upcoming fourth anniversary consecration dance, which will be held at St. Hagop Armenian Church on Saturday, October 15. Members from across the state-wide Florida Armenian-American community are encouraged to attend and support St. Hagop Armenian Church.

“We were delighted to meet the organizers of Florida Armenians and we are excited about their vision for the future of our community,” stated Alex Oganesova, Armenian Church Youth Organization (ACYOA) Chair at St. Hagop. “We are especially excited about our upcoming 4th Anniversary Consecration Dance and encourage all Florida Armenians to join us,” concluded Oganesova.


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