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Florida Armenians Celebrate 24th Anniversary of Armenia’s Independence in Washington


Janna Mosinyan, Ambassador Tigran Sargsyan, Taniel Koushakjian

By Taniel Koushakjian
Florida Armenians Managing Editor

On Thursday, October 8, former Florida Armenians Jacksonville reporter Janna Mosinyan and managing editor Taniel Koushakjian attended a reception at the Embassy of Armenia in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the 24th anniversary of Armenia’s independence. Over 100 people gathered at the embassy, including government officials from the U.S., Russia, Georgia, Poland, and Kazakhstan.

The reception began with the singing of the Armenian and American national anthems. Armenian Embassy attaché Makar Melikyan welcomed guests in attendance and introduced Armenia’s Ambassador to the United States Tigran Sargsyan. Ambassador Sargsyan gave remarks and recognized special guests in attendance, such as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs at the U.S. State Department John Heffern, Co-Chair of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Minsk Group Ambassador James Warlick, and famous Armenian singer Nune Yesayan.

Ambassador Sargsyan explained why the 24th anniversary of Armenia’s independence is one of the most important dates in Armenia’s recent history. “The Armenian nation survived, the Armenian nation became even stronger and more united. And now, one hundred years later, I stand here in front of you all as the Ambassador of an independent Armenia to the United States and congratulate you on the occasion of the 24th Anniversary of Armenian Statehood,” Sargsyan said.

Deputy Assistant Secretary John Heffern and Taniel Koushakjian

Deputy Assistant Secretary John Heffern and Taniel Koushakjian

Ambassador Sargsyan went on to emphasize the continuous assistance and friendship of the United States. Following his remarks, he introduced DAS Heffern who spoke about his tenure as the United States ambassador to Armenia (2011-2014) and congratulated the Republic of Armenia on its 24th year of independence.

“It was wonderful seeing so many Armenians together, celebrating our independence day,” stated Mosinyan. “I felt proud and honored to be present during this event,” she said.

Following Heffern’s remarks, Ambassador Sargsyan presented medals of honor to two distinguished guests, Mr. Jirair Nishanian and Dr. Levon Avdoyan, on behalf of the President of Armenia. Mr. Nishanian received the Medal of Gratitude, awarded for state, economic, social, scientific-technical, and public activities, as well as for major personal contribution, many years’ devotion, and fruitful activities aimed at promoting the spheres of health, education, and culture. Dr. Levon Avdoyan, Armenian and Georgian Area Specialist at the Library of Congress, received the Medal of Movses Khorenatsi for outstanding achievements in the spheres of culture, art, literature, education, social sciences, and sports.

“I want to conclude with expressing my confidence that our cause is just and through joint and coordinated efforts we – the citizens of Armenia and our brothers and sisters from Artsakh and from the Diaspora – will succeed in overcoming all the difficulties and challenges and will further strengthen our Motherland,” Ambassador Sargsyan said.