Reflections on the #RejectSerzh Movement

Photograph by Lexi Davitian for

By Lexi Davitian
FLArmenians Guest Contributor

The symphony of car horns honking in support has become the soundtrack to our lives here. People chanting, fists pounding the air demanding justice…. I have been living in Armenia for about a year now. I have heard about corruption, witnessed it, and even have been a victim of it. With that being said I have spent some of the most incredible months of my life here.

Life in Hayastan is not perfect, but can you tell me one place that is? I personally am not supporting Nikol or Serzh, and have met many others who feel the same. After they had taken him, the people fought harder and stronger! With that being said, Nikol has become a huge symbol of hope and guidance for this revolution. Upon his release as we walked through the streets, I could see tears down so many faces, as their hearts were recharged by the sight of him.

Marching alongside the citizens of Armenia has helped me come to the conclusion that we are all here for the same reason: Hayastan.

Unfortunately, we do not have all of the answers to what happens next… Whatever happens, I was proud, as an Armenian American from Florida, to march alongside people who finally feel hope for change in their lives in Hayastan. A country that once felt like an endless tunnel now has a light that grows brighter with each day.

On April 23, 2018 Serzh Sarkissian officially stepped down making all of sleepless nights, and days spent walking worth it. The celebration is filled with contagious joy. Everyone in the streets smiling and hugging each other in congratulation, shaking hands with the officers that were just the day before holding us back. Now the cheers of victory echo throughout Hayastan. Smiling faces greet each other, while the people now walk around with their heads held high in a victory they so highly deserve!

Photograph by Lexi Davitian for

Photograph by Lexi Davitian for

Photograph by Lexi Davitian for

Photograph by Lexi Davitian for

Photograph by Lexi Davitian for

Photograph by Lexi Davitian for

Lexi Davitian is an Armenian American photographer currently living in Yerevan, Armenia. She is originally from Hollywood, Florida.


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