20th Anniversary of Armenian Armed Forces Celebrated at the U.S. Central Command

20th Anniversary of Armenian Armed Forces Celebrated at the U.S. Central Command

Tampa, Florida – On February 1, 2012, a reception on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Armenia’s Armed Forces was organized at the US CENTCOM Coalition Coordination Center (CCC), Mac Dill Air Force Base.


The event brought together high-ranking officers and civilian officials from more than sixty countries, including top US Armed Forces representatives of US CENTCOM.

Lieutenant Colonel A. Mkrtchyan, Armenian Armed Forces representative for US Central Command, delivered opening remarks and presented the Armenian army’s history.      

In his turn, US Central Command Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Karl Horst extended his well wishes to Armenia’s Armed Forces, and highly appreciated the Armenian military contingent’s participation in the security and stability operations in Afghanistan.

Fr. Hovnan Demerjian, Pastor of St. Hagop Armenian Church in Pinellas Park, Florida offered remarks on the common strengths of Armenia’s Army and its partners based on protecting freedoms of religion, conscience and human rights.

Fr. Abraham Malkhasyan, Visitng Pastor of St. Haroutiun Church in Orlando, offered the traditional prayer before meals and blessing for all who serve and protect in the armed forces.

Fr. Hovnan Demerjian and Lieutenant Colonel A. Mkrtchyan

Twenty years have passed from the memorable days when the Armed Forces of the newly-independent Republic of Armenia were created.

During those years the Armed Forces performed a multifold task. While in the process of creation, the Armed Forces both defended the Armenian borders and people, and had to combat and win a major war.

As of today, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia is actively involved in international military cooperation, including peacekeeping and stabilizing operations in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Armenia proudly accomplished the task, with US and Polish troops, in Iraq in 2008.    

The Armenian Armed Forces will spare no effort to preserve peace and security for themselves and for its allies and partners around the world.


NR#: 2012-002


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  1. Oskanian Reacts to President’s Strasbourg StatementIn the President’s speech in Strasbourg at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, and ealecisply in the questions and answers that followed, there were many misrepresentations, but three in particular must be disowned by the administration. First, to claim that Armenia has not recognized the independence of Karabakh because Armenia accepts the principle of territorial integrity is to misrepresent Armenia’s position of the last 20 years, including his own years.For two decades, Armenia has not recognized the independence of Karabakh specifically in order not to predetermine the outcome of the negotiations process. If Azerbaijan were to pull out of those negotiations, or attempt to use force, then the Republic of Armenia would recognize the independence of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh. That has been the policy of the Armenian Republic, through three administrations. Thus, the President’s interpretation requires retraction ealecisply because nowhere else in his prepared remarks is there anything that in any way presents the official position itself.Second, the principles of non-use of force, territorial integrity and self-determination, which the President listed as the Madrid principles are in fact the principles of the Helsinki Final Act and serve as the guiding philosophy for any conflict, including this one. Over the years, principles, which number more than three and are specific to the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, have been developed. They have come to be known as the Madrid principles. As far as I know, even if the Madrid Document has been revised, the principles remain the same. First among the Madrid principles has been the right of the people of Nagorno Karabakh to self-determination.Third, after two military victories, Armenians have adhered to the negotiation process, because we have believed that there is no military solution to this conflict, and not because the Azerbaijani side has an advantage.A peaceful resolution remains Armenians’ goal a resolution that is based on solid, lasting principles. In the run-up to and in Kazan, the Armenian position must be clearly and forcefully rectified. This struggle was and continues to be about Karabakh’s right to self-determination, first and foremost.


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