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St. David Armenian Church Honors Archdeacon Nick Potookian

St. David Armenian Church Honors Archdeacon Nick Potookian

Boca Raton, FL – On Sunday, April 22, St. David Armenian Apostolic Church hosted parishioners for a special award ceremony and luncheon to honor Archdeacon Nick Potookian for his fervent dedication & outstanding commitment to the service of our Church.  Very Reverend Fr. Nareg Berberian, Pastor of St. David Armenian Church, presented the award on behalf of the Parish Council. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Potookian for his faithful service on the Holy Altar every Sunday, noting that he was one of the best deacons we have had at St. David during his pastorate.

Potookian’s daughter, Doreen A. McCord, spoke very highly of her father, expressing how wonderful he is and always diligently focused on providing for his family since he came to America from Jerusalem where he was born in 1932.  After working at the United Nations in New York City, he moved to Florida in 1994 where he started serving in St. David Armenian Church.  He was ordained a Deacon by His Eminence Archbishop Khajag Barsamian. Mrs. Anna Damirjian, a long-time close friend, also extolled her praises emphasizing  his humility and good nature.  Sub-Deacons Brian Adamian and Gregory Merjian gave their testimonies of how Mr. Potookian is so helpful on the altar and makes them feel very comfortable.  In addition to serving in the church, Potookian is a past master of a Masonic Lodge, Belleville Lodge No. 108, F. & A.M., in Belleville, New Jersey.  While in Florida, he received the Hyram Award, the highest award in Masonic Lodge.  He is a past Commander of the Knights of Vartan.  He is also the Captain of the Citizens Observer Patrol in the community where he lives.


South Florida Armenian Community Gathers at St. David Armenian Church for Easter Celebration


Boca Raton, FL – On Sunday, April 8, the South Florida Armenian-American community gathered at St. David Armenian Church to celebrate Easter Sunday, reported Florida Armenians (FLArmenians).  The sanctuary was filled to capacity and the adjoining Church hall accommodated 500 people so that all could participate in the day’s service, festivities and celebration.  Led by Very Reverend Fr. Nareg Berberian, Pastor of St. David Armenian Church, parishioners came with their families and friends to celebrate the most important feast day in the Armenian Christian faith.

“I am pleased to see almost 700 people gather together in our Sanctuary to celebrate the Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  With Christ, our souls are resurrected and in Christ our hearts are created anew.  I encourage all our congregants to become more active in sharing their God-given talents and gifts with our Church community, especially since this year has been designated as the year of the ‘Lay Ministry.'”

Holy Week is the most important week of the Church calendar and St. David Armenian Church held religious activities in the days leading up to Easter Sunday. As is tradition in the Armenian church, the greeting “Krisdos haryav ee merelotz” (Christ is risen from the dead) is used on the joyous day of Easter, followed by the response “Orhnyal eh harouteunn Krisdosi” (blessed is the resurrection of Christ).

“It was wonderful to see so many of our community come out to celebrate this day,” stated Parish Council member Carol Norigian. “As our parish continues to grow, the St. David Armenian Church Parish Council is pleased to continue serving our vibrant south Florida community,” stated Norigian.

Armenian Genocide featured in Miami Dade College’s First Annual Genocide Awareness Week

Armenian Genocide featured in Miami Dade College’s First Annual Genocide Awareness Week

By Tina Varjabedian
FLArmenians Miami Contributor

Miami, FL – On Wednesday, April 4, Miami Dade College’s Homestead campus launched their First Annual Genocide Awareness Week with an opening event presenting the Armenian Genocide. Over 200 students and faculty members of non-Armenian backgrounds were present to learn about the history and politics surrounding the events of the Armenian Genocide.

Dr. Jeffery Thomas, Dean of Miami Dade College’s Homestead Campus, enthusiastically gave a welcoming introduction where he emphasized the significance of recognizing what he pronounced as a “denied chapter in world history.” Professor Hannibal Travis, J.D. from Florida International University’s College of Law, presented a discussion about International Law and Middle Eastern Politics. Taniel Koushakjian, Director of Grassroots at the Armenian Assembly of America, concluded the discussion with a segment on Survivor Accounts and Current Political Aspects Surrounding Armenian Genocide Recognition.

The lectures were followed by a “March for Genocide Prevention” ceremony, where students and faculty marched from the auditorium to the campus’s courtyard while holding sunflowers symbolizing the martyrs of the genocide. The event was concluded with a casual Q & A between the event’s speakers and students, while they enjoyed samples of Armenian pastries and music in the courtyard displaying the students’ Genocide artwork.